About CEO

The representative has lived in Hong Kong for 27 years. After he was posted to Hong Kong as the overseas employee of a trading company connected with the Japanese National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations, the general Japanese food wholesaler “MBK Central HK Ltd” was established through a merger with a major trading company in 1996, and he assumed office as its representative director. The company achieved 2.8 billion yen in sales in the 4 th year, and became the largest Japanese foodstuffs wholesaler in Hong Kong . The food and beverage store operating company “Wellmart Holdings Ltd.” was established in 1998 with a view towards the further spread of Japanese foods, and he assumed office as its representative director.


In 1998, he grasped the needs of the marketplace with the family restaurant-style café “Café Key West”, and turned it into a great success. After that, he introduced the “Uoya Iccho” (a Japanese izakaya or pub for sashimi) to Hong Kong , and this has served as a trailblazer in the boom in large traditional Japanese-style izakayas. In Hong Kong, the company launched 15 restaurants in 4 business categories, namely the sashimi izakaya Sakanaya Itcho, the kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi) restaurant Nagoyaka Tei, Issei, the all-you-can-eat Japanese food restaurant, and the Akamaru Noodles Factory that features Sanuki udon, and the company has also opened two Nagoyaka Tei restaurants in Macao. He has opened a series of popular eateries that have attracted crowds of Hong Kong's residents by means of a unique style for building restaurant chains, based on his policy of “Creating New Eating Trends in Hong Kong ”. In addition, he has been engaged in the production of shops outside the narrow category of restaurants, for example bars and lounges, fast food restaurants in food courts, fresh produce shops inside supermarkets, and so on. The stores in whose opening he has been involved to date number more than 50 in all. The majority of the establishments that he has helped open fall in new business categories, and he has built his position as a trend creator in Japanese food in Hong Kong based on the fact that these businesses have thrived.


Wellmart Holdings reached sales totaling 4.0 billion yen at the peak, and achieved considerable success as the operator for food and beverages in Hong Kong, but at the end of last year he left Wellmart Holdings, and is seeking to put his own experience to full use by opening up new territory, to which end he established “Merit Link Ltd.”, a general food and beverage consulting company, in 2009, and assumed his current post as its representative director